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Thu, Aug. 24th, 2006, 05:52 pm
redstorm: Meridian Shout Out

Much as the main game (in the village) got postponed for 2007, we are still running a Beta Game at a new site for interested peoples. This is a full game, just without the town. It will also be used to fine tune the rules for publication.

This game is only $36 for the entire weekend, and involves some meals. Details HERE
Just click the links off the main page.

Map to site HERE (PDF)
More details under General Info - Date and Location.

I strongly recommend that people pre-book, as we will have to turn people away at the door if we hit capacity (around 100 players).
Online booking is HERE!

Most rules are online - since we can't contact our website guy at the moment the races segment is available on the FORUMS. Linked, since I know that you guys will be interested. ;)

And in summary....

Here, have a rat!