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Don't just watch the movies - live one!

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You Control Your Fate
This is the community for Meridian.

Meridian is a interactive system written to handle a large scale (fest) event
We have a chapter in Southern California, and now a chapter in North California.
Each chapter runs smaller games to get people interested and to spread the word about the system and exactly what it is the "Meridian" involves.

Th dream is to get enough of a following to run a "Fest" event - namely an event incorporating hundreds to thousands of participants, like some of the systems in the UK and Europe. We have a site ready to take us, we just need people with enthusiasm to make this a reality.

The game is for persons 18yrs or older only (15-17 with parent). There will be alcohol and combat.

The aim of the game is to unite local, not so local, and international groups, to also help them promote their own events and meet new people.

The game is aimed at:
Live Roleplayers
Table Top Roleplayers
Lord Of The Rings fans
Vampire/Werewolf fans
Comic Fans
Narnia Fans
Anyone that has ever seen a fantasy movie and wants to live it for a weekend!

This community is currently on hiatus.